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Beijing TimeRiver Technology

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Key Technology

Core Product

        Beijing TimeRiver Technology  takes the aerial work robot as the core product, with the innovative service concept of "robot + (robot + scene + big data)", provides customized system integration solutions for users in different industries. It includes:


Ship field: According to the requirements of ship cleaning, derusting and spraying, we provide Ship Derusting Robot with Swing Arm, Ship Derusting Robot with Recycling Function, Ship Spraying Robot with Multiple Sprayers.

Thermal power field: According to the requirements of water wall detection, flaw detection and repair of thermal power boiler, we provied Thermal Power Boiler Detection Robot, Thermal Power Boiler Repair Robot.

Chemical field: According to the requirements of chemical tank derusting, polishing and spraying, we provide Chemical Tank Polishing Robot, Chemical Tank Spraying Robot.

Bridge and tunnel field: According to the requirements of bridge and tunnel detection, we provide Bridge  Detection Robot, Tunnel Detection Robot.

Transportation field: According to the requirements of high-speed rail inspection, high-speed rail station column cleaning and other operations, we provide Rail Inspection Robot, Column Cleaning Robot.

Special operation scenario: According to the needs of users, we can make non-standard customization and provide a complete solution.


About Us

         Beijing TimeRiver Technology Co., Ltd (Robot++), which focuses on the independent research and development of intelligent special robots, is the first company in China to realize the industrialization of aerial work robots. Through in-depth exploration of ship, chemical, power, energy and other industries, our products have been successfully applied in inspection, flaw detection, cleaning, derusting, spraying, polishing and other scenes. The company pays attention to technological innovation and accumulation, and has been awarded the "National High-Tech Enterprise". Our core members have Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Renmin University and other learning and scientific research background, as well as the working experience in the world's top 500. We also have a scientific advisory team with Tsinghua University professor as the core.

         With the mission of "no dangerous work in the world", Robot++ team has long adhered to the values of "customer-oriented, striver oriented, long-term struggle", and is determined to build the first brand of China's intelligent special robot!

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