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Xu Huayang, CEO of Shihe technology, was selected as "2019 Hurun under30s entrepreneurial leader"

Xu Huayang, CEO of Shihe technology, was selected as "2019 Hurun under30s entrepreneurial leader"

Xu Huayang, CEO of Shihe technology, was selected as "2019 Hurun under30s entrepreneurial leader"


  On September 27, 2019, Hurun Baifu held the "2019 Hurun Baifu Innovation Summit" in Shenzhen, and released the "2019 Hurun under30s entrepreneurial leader" at the summit. Xu Huamin, the 29 year old founder and CEO of Shihe technology, was on the list.


Figure 1. Xu Huayang participates in robot test on site of ship customer


  The purpose of "2019 Hurun under30s business leaders" is to find business leaders under 30 years old (including 30 years old) in China. "These young entrepreneurs are the best young entrepreneurs in China. They are a group of sharp, intelligent and passionate people who grow rapidly in their respective fields and become industry disruptors. They know the needs of young people best, and we can see social changes through the industries they cover. The purpose of this list is to promote entrepreneurship in China and encourage more young people to start businesses. " Hurun said.

  Xu Huayang, founder and CEO of robot + +, is now a postdoctoral student of Tsinghua University. In 2015, Xu Huamin, who also studied for Ph.D. in Tsinghua University, launched the "Mini PC all in one machine" project and got seed investment. One year later, the project was acquired. In 2016, under the leadership of Dr. Xu, Shihe science and technology team transformed to engage in special robot business, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of high-altitude climbing robots, and completed the financing of angel turn pre-A + round in nearly two years. The investors include Baidu venture capital, panda capital, tus star, smart grid venture capital, eagle fund and many other domestic first-line investors VC institution.

  The selection of Xu Huayang is not only the recognition of the development of Shihe science and technology, but also reflects the concern and demand of various industries for the dangerous operation of machine substitutes and the good prospects for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements to promote economic development. As the R & D manufacturer of "artificial intelligence + robot", Shihe technology is committed to "making the world work without danger", developing high-altitude operation robots for ship derusting spraying, thermal power boiler detection, chemical tank weld grinding, etc. At present, it has carried out all-round cooperation with a number of leading enterprises such as state grid, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, China shipbuilding industry, COSCO Shipping, PetroChina, state power investment and state special inspection institute.


Figure 2. Xu Huayang's robot demonstration at the site of thermal power customers


  With the continuous growth of the robot + + team and the growing number of customers, Xu Huayang said: "we will always adhere to the core values of pragmatism, innovation, honesty and responsibility, and strive hard from top to bottom for a long time to provide customers with the best solutions and help customers create greater value."