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Shihe robot won the "star of growth" award of Ningbo National University Science Park

Shihe robot won the "star of growth" award of Ningbo National University Science Park

Zhou Weiping, deputy general manager of our company, attended the 2019 economic working conference of Ningbo National University Science and Technology Park and won the award!


  On March 11, 2019, at the 2019 economic work conference held by Ningbo University Science and Technology Park, Ningbo Shihe robot company was rated as the advanced unit of the park in 2018 and won the "growth star" award.

  Founded in February 2018, Ningbo Shihe Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is in response to the call of Ningbo Zhenhai District Yongjiang science and technology innovation corridor development and construction, led by Xu Huamin, a postdoctoral of Department of machinery, Tsinghua University, and landed in Zhenhai National University Science and technology park with special robot technology and product projects for aerial work.

  In a short period of one year, the Ningbo Shihe team introduced high-end technical talents from Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Beijing Jiaotong University and other universities, applied for 20 R & D patents. Meanwhile, it carried out market development in shipbuilding, chemical industry, electric power and other industries in the Yangtze River Delta. The R & D technology and products were successfully applied, with a revenue of more than 2.1 million yuan and team members increased to 15. Our company's rapid growth achievements have been highly praised and recognized by the Management Committee of science and Technology Park, so we are awarded the "growth star" award.



  Ningbo University Science and technology park is an innovation platform jointly established by Zhenhai District People's government, Ningbo University, Ningbo Engineering College, Zhejiang textile and garment vocational technology college and Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences with the approval of Ningbo Municipal People's government. In January 2010, it passed the evaluation of National University Science Park and became the only National University Science Park in Ningbo. Our Ningbo team will take root in the Yangtze River Delta, and contribute to the realization of the concept of "making the world work without danger" in many high-risk industries.


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