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Ningbo Shihe robot won the "winner Award" of Tsinghua alumni three creation competition Ningbo competition point

Ningbo Shihe robot won the "winner Award" of Tsinghua alumni three creation competition Ningbo competition point

Jiang Yu, CCO of our company, participated in the Ningbo competition of the 4th Tsinghua alumni innovation competition and won the winner award

  Guided by Tsinghua Alumni Association and Zhenhai District People's government, sponsored by Ningbo Tsinghua University Alumni Association and Zhenhai District Investment Promotion (talent recruitment) center, and organized by Ningbo edification, "Huizhi Tsinghua innovation China" the 4th Tsinghua alumni innovation competition in Ningbo, was successfully held in haishang Hotel, Zhenhai District, Ningbo on March 8, 2019.

Jiang Yu, COO of our company, is giving a speech


  Under the guidance of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Ningbo competition site of the fourth Tsinghua alumni "three innovation competition" adheres to the purpose of providing help, guidance, support and investment for the creative innovation and entrepreneurship projects of Tsinghua alumni, jointly maintaining and building a docking platform for entrepreneurship and innovation resources, helping each other to form Tsinghua entrepreneurship circle, and jointly promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship education of Tsinghua University to a higher level.

  Mr. Jiang Yu, COO of our company, was invited to attend the competition and delivered a speech on the innovation and entrepreneurship project of special robot industry application for aerial work. Finally, after the evaluation of the competition jury, our company won the first prize in Ningbo competition area and the "winner Award" of this competition!


Award winning representative (Jiang Yu, the second from the left)


Winning certificate


  Tsinghua alumni creative innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (referred to as Tsinghua alumni "three innovation competition") is a large series of activities sponsored by Tsinghua Alumni Association to support alumni and students' innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2016, the event has been held for three consecutive times. As an important part of the Yangtze River Delta competition area, Ningbo competition point has continued to participate in the organization, preparation and implementation of the event, providing a stage for alumni and teachers and students with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability to show, exchange, finance and grow. The competition was attended by Ye xiubei, deputy district head of Zhenhai District, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of the Management Committee of the Municipal University Science and Technology Park, Mei Xiaopeng, director of the research department of Tsinghua Alumni Association and deputy director of Tsinghua alumni three innovation competition, Xu Wenwei, President of Tsinghua Ningbo Alumni Association, Wang Nai, vice president of the group of tus science and technology city and chairman of Ningbo tus science and Technology Park Company.

  As a start-up company from Tsinghua, Shihe technology has participated in the "three creation competition" for two consecutive years and won the prize. It is hoped that with the support of Tsinghua Alumni Association and local government, Shihe technology can take root in the Yangtze River Delta and thrive.