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Shihe science and technology has been successfully shortlisted as "one hundred talents in the center - the star of enlightenment" to speed up the selection of "Five"

Shihe science and technology has been successfully shortlisted as "one hundred talents in the center - the star of enlightenment" to speed up the selection of "Five"

Dr. Xu Huamin, CEO of our company, participated in the entrepreneurship acceleration camp (Shenzhen road show exchange meeting) of "CIMC 100 people - Inspiration star", and was successfully shortliste

  On March 8, 2019, the "CIMC 100 people - star of enlightenment" entrepreneurship acceleration camp (Shenzhen station roadshow exchange meeting) was held in Shenzhen. This acceleration camp was jointly held by CIMC group, taking advantage of CIMC group's industrial resources and global cluster innovation advantages to attract more internal and external entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship projects, accurately docking and empowering intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing and new manufacturing technologies Technology and new model start-up companies to jointly build a smart logistics ecosystem.

  Since the launch of "Zhongji 100 people - Inspiration star" entrepreneurial camp in Tsinghua Science Park in December last year, so far, more than 100 entrepreneurial teams have signed up and organized roadshow exchanges in Beijing and Shanghai. This Shenzhen station will carefully select and invite five entrepreneurial teams to be shortlisted in the entrepreneurial camp.

Dr. Xu Huamin, CEO of Shihe Technology

  On behalf of Shihe technology, Dr. Xu Huamin, CEO of our company, delivered a keynote speech with wall climbing robot as the core product to solve the problem of high altitude operation, which finally stood out and became one of the five selected enterprises in this roadshow exchange. The five shortlisted enterprises selected in the conference are: Shuiyan technology, Qingtong era, Zhihua technology, Shihe technology and Prato technology.

  At the meeting, Wu Fapei, vice president of China international shipping container (Group) Co., Ltd., said: CIMC United enlightenment star focuses on the field of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing through the "one hundred people entrepreneurship plan", and looks for startups with new technologies and new models nationwide, which is a very good combination. CIMC will make use of the advantage resources and market resources accumulated in the industry for many years, provide help to the entrepreneurial team with core technology in terms of technology empowerment and professional support, and then effectively transform them into the application scenarios of CIMC business sector to achieve win-win results.


Group photo of participants of this exchange meeting

  The selected entrepreneurial team and CIMC industry will have in-depth interaction and precise docking of resources. Both parties can conduct in-depth interaction and precise docking in CIMC's existing industries, such as marine equipment; energy, chemical, food equipment; road transport vehicles, construction engineering vehicles, fire fighting and rescue equipment; airport equipment; marine engineering; In the field of environmental protection equipment, we seek to complement and empower CIMC's relevant business and technical difficulties, and help improve the efficiency of related industries.


  At this meeting, Wu Fapei, vice president of CIMC group, Zhang Jinsheng, vice president of tus holding and chairman of tus star, pan Jinjie, CIO and general manager of data network center of CIMC group, Zhipeng, executive director of Beijing cutting edge international Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Zhang Weihong, President of CIMC college, and many guests including venture capital institutions and financial media attended the exchange meeting.