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Special of Shihe science and Technology Annual Meeting

Special of Shihe science and Technology Annual Meeting

On January 27, 2019, the new year's meeting of Shihe technology officially opened!


At the end of the year

This moment

Connecting the past and future of Shihe Technology

Coagulate the harvest and hope of a year

January 27, 2019

Shihe science and technology new year conference officially opened

This annual meeting is full of one day

This morning is the year-end summary meeting

In the afternoon, a basketball match was held

At night, it's a company dinner

The year-end summary meeting is presided over by Xu Huamin, founder / CEO of the company

The meeting is divided into three parts

Company introduction, annual summary and next year's goal planning

. commend our excellent partners


Company introduction


2018 work summary


2019 target plan


Shi He has many excellent partners

The company can't grow without their hard work

Now let's enjoy some of the award-winning partners


"Star" award winning partner



"Star" award winning partner



"Advanced" award winning partner


"Mainstay" award winning partner

2018 is a crucial year for Shihe Technology

This year we have too much to give and gain

All this

Thank you all for your hard work

The afternoon is a fierce basketball match

It's said that skilled men are not good at sports

Hey, hey, wrong

They usually have the silence of maple Liuchuan


But on the court also has the vigor of maple Liuchuan



Professional from posture


Many years later, there are still legends about him in the Jianghu

The last part of the annual meeting is the dinner party at night

Music with joy

2018 annual meeting dinner officially begins



Work together


Toast to a bright future


Let's follow the camera to see the wonderful moments in the party



"Tfboys" singing voice of Ningbo Company



Melodious Ocarina performance



Love front alliance after 2000


The blue lotus


In addition to the wonderful programs

There's a blood inflating lottery

Iwatch, millet balance car, Kindle


It's a beauty contest



The first prize



Second prize after multiple rounds of "fighting"


Third prize is coming


What about the end of the prize? No, no, no

As a technology company

Be different


The mysterious lucky prize comes suddenly


It's really mysterious to receive the award photo


Happy times are always short

For Shihe

We have a great harvest in 2018

2019 will forge ahead

On this Spring Festival

We wish you all the best

Good health and good luck


Happy year of the pig