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Jiebao: Shihe technology won the enterprise honor of "inspiration star" in 2018

Jiebao: Shihe technology won the enterprise honor of "inspiration star" in 2018

Shihe technology won the enterprise honor of "inspiration star" in 2018!


  On November 16, 2018, the ninth batch of "Diamond plan" shortlisted enterprises of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park and the 2018 "star of enlightenment" enterprises held an award ceremony in Nanning. As a newly established start-up company, Beijing Shihe technology won the "star of enlightenment" enterprise honor in 2018 after the rigorous selection from market prospect, investment value, company development and other perspectives by the jury group.



  Shihe technology mainly focuses on intelligent special robots. The company's core product is aerial work robots, which are used to replace the traditional spider man in high-risk operations. The application range includes detection, flaw detection, cleaning, rust removal, spraying, welding and other work in aerial scenes. As Shihe people, we always insist on creating value for customers, employees and investors, and we also need to take certain social responsibility through technological innovation, as our vision says - let the world have no dangerous work.

  And the "star of enlightenment" enterprise is a start-up company facing such as Shihe technology, which has "innovative technology or technology-based business model with industry advantages". Up to now, only 55 of the thousands of "enlightenment Department" incubation enterprises have won the honor of "inspiration star". Among them, of the 45 "inspiration star" enterprises in 2013-2017, 38 enterprises obtained financing, 21 enterprises completed more than a round of financing, 10 enterprises completed more than B round of financing, and 3 enterprises listed on the new third board. For Shihe technology, the next small goal is to become a "Diamond plan" enterprise, and the larger goal is to become a professional brand of intelligent special robot industry! To this end, we will take Tsinghua people's rigorous, entrepreneurial spirit, and strive to achieve every goal, adding a strong color to the world stage for the Chinese robot industry!