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Entrepreneurship is not only the immediate work, but also poetry and distant fields

Entrepreneurship is not only the immediate work, but also poetry and distant fields

创业不止眼前的工作还有诗和远方的田野^_- 本月初Robot++两地团队北京史河和宁波史河分别举行了本地团队的团建活动 得知可以一块出去玩耍小伙伴们的心情是这样的~ 金秋时节,天高云淡秋风飒爽,叠翠流金 作为一支走在创新前沿的机器人团队时间就是生命一早全员准时到齐整装待发,轻松开跋 顺利到达目的地后大家先来了个比较拘谨的合照~ 北京史河团队合照 宁波史河团队合照 团建开始之前,肯定要先热热身

Early this month

Two teams of robot + +

Beijing Shihe and Ningbo Shihe

Group building activities of local teams were held respectively

I learned that I could go out and play together

This is the mood of my friends~



In autumn, the sky is high and the clouds are light

The autumn wind is cool, and the emeralds flow with gold

As a robot team in the forefront of innovation

Time is life

In the morning, all the staff arrived on time

Ready to go

After successfully arriving at the destination

Here's a more formal picture~


Group photo of Shihe team in Beijing

Group photo of Shihe team in Ningbo


We must warm up before League building


Then there's the billiards match at the top of the Forbidden City~


There are table tennis duels at all levels~


Of course

Warm up is a cloud, and the key is to fight

All kinds of Games officially open the group building drama

Look at the neat formation of the heart. There are five words: Discipline lever~~



A wave of interesting and exciting games~~


"No forest" game


Everyone moves in the same direction. The person behind needs to catch the stick left by the person in front. The most important thing is to make sure it doesn't fall. This game tests the cooperation of each other. The people in front must make pre connection considerations for the people in the back, so that the whole team can run smoothly~

"Zhuhang Wanli" game
One table tennis + one board for one person. Let everyone understand that every employee is a "chain" in the operation of the company. When any work is completed, consider whether you can smoothly undertake the next "chain".

"Caterpillar racing" game


This game tests the cooperation and coordination between players. Speed is on the one hand, but often team members rush forward with one heart, and everyone's speed is inconsistent, which reduces efficiency instead. So as a team, how to coordinate everyone's pace has become the key to the game~~


Of course, as one of the CS masters, I always remember the magic shooting method of "open the mirror in the air, shoot at the ground"~~


Those who violate China will be punished even if they are far away


Master duel, posture is very important~




After a fierce operation, everyone was hungry. Here is the food section. As a foodie, you need to focus on food at any time.



After a day of eating, drinking and playing, the last part is the most important part of the League building - the exchange conference.

The meeting was divided into three parts:

First of all, the founder introduces the company's history and recent development, and makes everyone understand the company more clearly from the perspectives of vision, mission, values, strategy, organization, talents, etc.

Secondly, the company's small partners introduce themselves and communicate in depth. Due to the rapid development and growth of the company for half a year, new and old employees are not familiar with each other, and this activity is also aimed at making everyone familiar.

Finally, the activity summary, the leaders of marketing department and Technology Department cheer for the team, encourage everyone to make further efforts before the Spring Festival, win new achievements and launch new products!





Colleagues who spoke enthusiastically~~

Although the construction of the regiment is only one day long

But people are more familiar with each other

The game links let you more experience

A person's strength is limited, a team's strength is indestructible!

The success of the team needs the joint efforts of all our members!

Single silk does not make a thread, single wood does not make a forest!

The same piece of iron can be sawed, melted and dissipated, or refined into steel;

The same team can be mediocre and accomplish great things.

There are various roles in a team,

Everyone needs to find their place,

Because there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team!

Finally, I wish the robot + + team growing stronger and the company growing better~~