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Beijing TimeRiver Technology

Ship Derusting Robot with Swing Arm

Ship Derusting Robot with Swing Arm

It is mainly used for ship cleaning and derusting.
Product description

      The Ship Derusting Robot with Swing Arm/RPP-MW-SAR independently developed by Beijing TimeRiver Technology is equipped with ultra-high pressure water jet or sandblasting device and adopts swing arm cleaning method to remove rust and clean the ship shell. The robot is suitable for vertical surface, inclined surface or arc surface. It can clean and derust the hull, deck and inner cabin. The main technical parameters are as follows:

(1) Size:1200 x 1050 x 600(mm)

(2) Self weight:78 Kg

(3) Walking  Speed: 12 m/min

(4) Water Pressure:2800 bar

(5) Derusting Quality:SA 2.5

(6) Derusting Efficiency:30-50 m²/h

The product features are as follows:

(1) High speed driving, efficient operation. The walking speed is 12m / min, and the derusting efficiency is 30-50 m²/h.

(2) Stable adsorption, super load. The self weight is 78 kg, and the load capacity is 60 kg, which can meet the needs of most use scenarios. At the same time, 1.5:1 super large load can be customized.

(3) Surface adaptation, super obstacle crossing. The conventional curvature radius is 8m, and the smaller curvature radius can be customized. The minimum curvature radius is 1m, and the obstacle crossing capacity is 4cm.

(4) Modular design, efficient disassembly. Modular design is adopted for each part of the whole machine, and the robot can be disassembled in 0.5 hours.

(5) Differential drive, flexible control. Differential drive, forward, backward, 360° rotation, equipped with lightweight hand-held remote controller.

(6) Safe, reliable and adaptable. Permanent magnet adsorption, safety rope, emergency stop button, protection grade: IP65, fast response to customization requirements.


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